Reinvent the foundation of your business.


Your company's performance is only as strong as its IT infrastructure in today's digital and cloud-based world. A flexible and intelligent infrastructure not just helps you adapt to change quickly, but it also provides the potential for new revenue streams and creative thought.

Whether you're taking the whole public cloud plunge or adopting a hybrid model, we'll work with you to create an IT infrastructure that is appropriate for your needs. We can assist you in creating and implementing a cloud-ready architecture that will enable you to realize your goals while also providing outstanding performance.

Our Capabilities

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud

Because companies must keep their business application strategy going and cut expenses, they require automation to support innovation. EAS provides that.


Create a comprehensive strategy for increasing network capacity and adopting new technologies to future-proof your network and increase efficiency.
Digital collaboration and workspace

Digital collaboration and workspace

Employees should have access to everything they need on any device.
Experience  and service management

Experience and service management

Learn how to more effectively manage your cloud estate and enhance employee experience by leveraging the talents and tools you'll need.
Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code

Transform your infrastructure into a business agility enabler by adopting a software-defined infrastructure, automation, and continuous deployment method.
IoT Devices and Managed Edge

IoT Devices and Managed Edge

Deliver intelligence to any place with managed edge and IOT devices.

Our Portfolio of Services

Data Center Services
  • IT Transformation in the Data Centre and Managed Services
  • Virtualization and Cloud Services Providers
  • Data Center Security Services
  • Workload Migration Services
  • CIT Services
  • Open Compute Services
  • Data Center Migration
End-User Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Global Field Support Services
  • Desktop Virtualization Services
  • Legacy Platform Transformation Services
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Messaging and Collaboration Services
  • Directory Services
Application Support and Services
  • ITSM Services
  • Service Integration Services
  • DevOps Services
  • Command Center Services
  • Database Services
  • Mainframe Services
  • Middleware Services
Network Management Services
  • Campus Network Services
  • Network Optimization Services
  • Network Security Services
  • Unified Communication and Collaboration Services
  • Software-defined Network Services

Why FueledBy for Infrastructure Services?

Application and infrastructure expertise
Our team applies our app development team's expertise to enhance your application-specific infrastructure.
Closely knit partnerships
We've built a long-term business with partnerships and collaborations with top platform partners that have given us insight into product roadmaps, allowing us to anticipate and manage the effects on your environments.
Strong vertical expertise
Efficiently optimizing your data center begins with FueledBy's vertical expertise, which allows us to recommend and deploy pre-optimized infrastructure.