Public Policy

We are dedicated to being active in the political and public policy arena in a responsible, ethical way that serves the interests of our shareholders, employees, clients, and neighborhood. As a private organization, we can act freely on our core values without the need for short-term gains. We believe this approach is critical to our overall long-term success.

“Our first priority will be public policy that encourages job growth and helps more people find those jobs.”

Jobs are the need of the hour. Since we first opened our doors, FueledBy has offered competitive wages and benefits that help people find jobs, stay employed, provide for their families, and be active members of their community.

We believe it is our duty as a business to do everything we can to help build a strong local economy by creating good-paying jobs right here in America’s heartland. Going forward, creating jobs will be one of our top priorities as elected officials work on public policy issues affecting job growth.