Product Engineering
From project-focused to product-focused


When business outcomes become the usual language of design and engineering teams, organizations can move ahead and stay ahead. The Software Product Engineering specialty (SPE) is more than simply software development. It takes the focus away from features and backlogs and places it on a superior user experience and outcome. The field of digital business is at the forefront of SPE. To create outstanding software, FueledBy brings together world-class digital engineering, design, and product development talent in a collaborative environment.

Product engineering services are a crucial tool in the product development process. They provide you with steps to follow so that you may design a holistic software solution from the bottom up that is both technically correct and capable of dealing with genuine business issues effectively. At FueledBy, we understand the ever-evolving digital landscape, and provide you with the tools necessary to succeed.

What Building Blocks of Engineering Software

Design Thinking
By using strong cognitive, strategic, and practical methodologies for innovative problem-solving, we produce higher-quality products that are more desirable to customers.
Strong Technology Roots
Create easy-to-use, complex technology products based on comprehensive code repositories authored by our full-stack and cross-stack product engineers.
Deep Domain Expertise
Ensure that product design to product testing projects driven by a group of professional engineers are innovative, quick, and highly efficient.
Peer Product Management
By channeling combined effort between our product engineers and client product managers, we can enhance products.
Research as a Service
We look through your customer list and contact those who seem like good fits for your company and industry. Conduct research on key variables focused on innovation to develop a minimal viable product and test the client's concept by successfully bringing it into reality.

Our Product Engineering Expertise

Digital Customer Experience
Optimizes the way customers use your product and offers services such as Mobility, and UI/UX Engineering.
Backend Engineering
We provide backend engineering that isĀ  critical to the success of your product, facilitating performance and scalability.
  • Microservices
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Private cloud/on-premise centric architecture
  • NoSQL
  • Serverless
  • Containerization
  • Event-Driven Architecture
Data Engineering
With tools like this, you can harness data to improve business decisions.
  • ELT and Data Lake
  • Traditional ETL
  • Batch Analytics
  • Hadoop and MPP DW
  • Visualizations
  • Real-time Analytics
Provides minimizes human involvement to generate more successful, error-free end products and services such as:
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Automation
  • Test Automation
We develop innovative, future-proof products using innovative technologies and offer services like:
  • AI-ML
  • IoT
  • Blockchain

Product Engineering Process

Our software product engineering services are designed to match your company's specific demands. To create a whole software product that
solves genuine business issues by implementing the following activities:
Ideation & Prototype
In-person debates and rapid prototyping follow, both of which are essential for product development.
Product Planning
A macro-level engineering strategy is established with a thorough go-to-market plan that ensures precise alignment with clients' business goals.
Building a Minimum
Viable Product (MVP)
The end-user product is developed more quickly and at a lower price to acquire, analyze, and incorporate feedback into the roadmap.
Product Development
To create scalable and extensible solution architecture that is aligned with the product roadmap, an iterative development strategy is used as a team.
Product Growth
A thorough market study is conducted to create a product-centric growth strategy and product lifecycle plan.
Product Maturity
Budget and scalability must be considered at the same time as product architecture is established.
Product Re-engineering
Exhaustive market and user studies are conducted to develop a re-engineering strategy for next-generation growth sustainability and scalability.