Internet of Things
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IoT Services to Help You Create More Insights,
Increase Efficiency, and Improve Capital


FueledBy’s Internet of Things (IoT) consulting service aims to help our clients reimagine their online presence, business procedures, and overall influence in the digital world.

We employ the power of technology, data, and science to create and provide digital solutions for businesses. FueledBy offers full-service solutions for setting up smart devices that are linked to the internet and communicate data. Our services include platform building, prototyping, scenario creation, user experience testing, and topological modeling for hybrid network control.

For us, it's all about collaboration and solutions as an IoT consultancy, and our clients come to us for ideas, and we provide them.

Key Offerings

  • IoT program blueprinting based on industry and business use cases is customized.
  • Strategy roadmap and consulting for deploying new business models, solution architectures (microservices based) for device management and operations.
Edge to Cloud Product Engineering
  • Sensors, networks, connectivity protocols, edge analytics, and compatibility.
  • Gateway framework, data processing, and IoT platform are all examples of integration platforms.
  • Communication protocols, message brokers, and IoT security are all examples of new technologies.
  • Cloud management, security, platform enablement
Managed Services
  • CloudOps, DevOps for improving SLA metrics
  • VAPT, code analysis, and DevSecOps for connected device networks – IoT cybersecurity operations




We provide integrated operations platforms, enterprise information, process management, and IoT platform support services to help you run your IoT services effectively.


We provide solution frameworks, off-the-shelf capabilities, and acceleration suites for rapid application deployment and development.


We provide enterprises with integrated operations platforms, process management, enterprise information, and IoT platform support services to ensure that their IoT services run smoothly.

Why Choose FueledBy for Internet of Things

Here are just a few of the ways that we distinguish ourselves as a firm when it comes to dealing with the Internet of Things and building digital experiences

  • Agile IoT consulting project and delivery methodology
  • Customer-first approach that is collaborative, transparent, and communicative
  • IoT consultants and experts with very competitive rates.
  • In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
  • Project delivery that is rapid, cost-effective, risk-mitigative, and efficient
  • The performance and ease of use will be unaffected by how much data is in your system.
  • Before "Go Live" events, thorough quality assurance testing is conducted.