Intelligent Process


In many cases, intelligent automation, such as RPA (robotic process automation), natural language processing, and virtual agents, can improve productivity and efficiency in a variety of ways. But it doesn't end there. Self-teaching systems may help you empower workers, strengthen customer connections, and explore new possibilities.

You could have benefited from ad hoc automation, but most firms haven't been able to take these advantages across the company. Automation investments are proliferating without ever reaching their full potential, whether due to a lack of skilled people or a clear vision from the top.

To succeed, you'll need a company-wide strategy. This implies not only implementing AI into procedures but also developing new learning methods around it. It's a different way to work that requires organizational change and continual reskilling to continue flourishing.

What's the catch? You'll combine human ingenuity with self-optimizing AI to tackle and overcome your biggest problems—both present and future.

How We Work

The majority of AI and automation discussions focus on technology—that's the simplest part. We collaborate holistically across people, operations, and company processes to ensure that your projects are deployed, accepted, and expanded for maximum profit.
FueledBy collaborates with clients to establish platforms that includes the appropriate governance structure and pre-defined job responsibilities.
We use a top-down and bottom-up approach to communicate with relevant stakeholders in order to instill the idea of smart adoption of process automation throughout an organization. We can provide a tool-based solution for assessing and identifying processes using our collaboration with several tech firms.
FueledBy's end-to-end process automation solution approach incorporates additional digital levers such as smart data intake, AI, ML, Chatbots, Voicebots, and so on. We use a variety of best-in-class products to create automated solutions through our internal capabilities and collaborate with various platforms.
The digital workforce, like their physical counterparts, is governed by the same security rules and regulations, which is why we work with IT, Security, Infrastructure, and HR support teams from day one to improve communication.
In the first stage of deployment, a typical Digital Worker's capabilities are restricted, limiting its operational potential and efficiency. FueledBy's BOT support and maintenance capability, which is necessary for smart process automation, aims to solve this by re-schooling/BOT upgrading to meet desired levels of performance improvement.

Why Choose FueledBy

We'll be there for you every step of the way as you take your first steps into the world of intelligent process automation. We provide both a new digital workforce and an end-to-end operational strategy to help you succeed.
Transformation Strategy
  • Feasibility & Opportunity study
  • Automation Strategy & Organization
  • Process Re-engineering
  • CoE Approach
  • Process Assessment using process recorder
  • Business case and RoI
Implement Automation
  • Unit of Work Catalogue for Development
  • Integration
  • Platform Implementation
  • Demand Management
  • SDLC – develop, test, deploy to production
Managed Services
  • On-premise Managed Services
  • Monitoring, Maintenance, and Optimization
  • Managed service delivered on top cloud platforms
  • Patching and upgrade of processes